Spirit of the Depths

Robert L. Curtis MA LMHC

I am a licensed clinical therapist with 8 years of experience providing individual therapy for adults. I am a specialist in Depth Therapy, Mindfulness Based Treatment Approaches, Nondual Therapy, and Philosophical Counseling. In addition I have developed an avocation in Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) and have been engaged in some private astrological consultation work for about 3 years. As a seasoned Master’s degree clinician with an ardent and studious character I am also open to doing supervision work for post-graduate interns or other licensed mental health professionals.

I should also mention that I am a person who has 17 years of recovery from chronic drug addiction. I feel like my process of addiction recovery and personal transformation has given me a depth of understanding and insight about change, healing, and growth that informs my work with others who suffer from trauma, mental illness, and addiction. I have the training, life experience, and the genuine empathy needed to guide others, and I suppose for me this also means treating co-occurring disorders is a specialized area of expertise. But just as important as knowing the gritty reality of addiction problems and the treatment interventions that effect change, I have also seen how what Jung referred to as “the objective psyche” is at work as an ubiquitous and unconscious force (of transformation) in our lives. I won’t try to unpack that rather difficult and profound concept here in this introduction but suffice it to say that is Jung’s “Spirit of the Depths” (on other parts of this website I will try to expand on these ideas more in 2019).

Over the course of working with hundreds of clients I have learned how to effectively integrate some of the best practices from evidence based treatments within a Jungian analytical framework. That means that the cognitive restructuring and behavioral activation of CBT, emotional regulation and didactic learning from DBT, two-person psychology of relational psychoanalysis, the neural integration work in interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory, Self-leadership in Internal Family Systems, along with self-compassion and wisdom from mindfulness based practices and Buddhist psychotherapy can all be smartly synthesized with Jungian ideas to develop a concentrated treatment plan with depth. I realize this seems like a complex amalgam of ideas, and it is on paper, but in the real time of the therapeutic process these various interventions can be utilized adequately to improve social and occupational functioning and move the client along toward the outcomes in life they seek. These methods also help to facilitate integration between the ego and the deeper unconscious, and that deeper operation of the therapy work  is where the Jungian map of the psyche guides us toward healing transformation.

Depth therapy analyzes personal symptoms, conflicts, and stucknesses and connects them to a transpersonal/archetypal core that when interpreted can introduce the client to the meaning of his/her struggles. Suddenly a narrative circumstance of life that is seemingly too burdensome can be carried with newfound dignity as it consciously connects us with our soul's deeper intention for fulfillment. Mindfulness is a practice that introduces the client to an observer-self that can cultivate a more skillful and compassionate relationship to thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the present. Depth therapy analyzes the contents of the unconscious mind and introduces them to the conscious ego. The skillful means obtained through mindfulness practice and the tools picked up in the evidence based modalities help the conscious ego navigate life with increased ego strength and flexibility. Therapeutic attention applied to these two essential realizations: the meaning and contents of the unconscious and the process of the conscious mind, is a thoroughgoing approach that can not just reduce symptoms, treat a disorder, heal trauma, or meet a need for grieving, but also locate new resources for social engagement and find meaning by connecting to the spirit of the depths. Working with both process and content is key to engendering both dynamic and meaningful changes.

I AM NOW ALSO OFFERING VEDIC ASTROLOGY READINGS ON A PRIVATE CONSULTATION BASIS. After 5 years of intensive study I have developed a “good-enough” (as in Winnicott) repertoire of knowledge and skills to give consultations in Jyotisha - the ancient science of astrological divination. This esoteric system of divination can reveal a person's karmas, illustrate future developmental challenges, and also provide remedial measures to address obstacles on the life path. I will begin to feature more about Jyotisha and my perspectives as a practitioner of astrology inside the 'depths" blog on this website. I will endeavor to weave together relevancies of the astrology work, tantra, and Vedic cosmology with Jungian individuation, wholeness, the soul, and archetypal transformation in designated sections of the website.